We began by identifying small, unique wineries in Europe. Then we imported only their best products. Focusing on Spain, Italy and France let us build our select inventory of vintages with an eye to affordable prices with outstanding taste.

As time has gone by, we've expanded our line, but never lost sight of the goal of delivering unique, interesting and quality selections.

Remember to ask us about one of our great wines from a family winery, but there are only 1,000 bottles for the world every year.

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Customers kept asking, "Do you carry spirits?"

Now we can answer, "Yes!"

Selected brands of spirits, whose quality and uniqueness fit our profile are now available, with even more becoming available through the balance of the year.

We offer whiskeys, gins, vodkas; the usual assortment of American spirits. But we can also provide unique items from Europe.

We'd love to discuss our most popular brands with you, and also share information about those niche products that are just a little out of the mainstream.

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Our willingness and ability to help your store or restaurant develop sales by hosting events is one of the unique ways we support our retail clients.

Tastings, wine classes, educational talks, assistance starting a wine club and fundraising events are all ways we can boost sales at licensed retail operations.

And if you happen to not be licensed but want to host a wine or spirits related event, we can direct you to the proper store or restaurant to partner with you. And we will support them.


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Domaine offers premium adult beverages at competitive pricing. Our inventory is loaded with award winners and hidden gems. We're known for our focused and quality stock as well as the events we host, with you, at your shop or restaurant.

We begin with all the things that make your business unique and try to bring you the elements for a great event at minimal expense. We try to understand your clientele and how you want to reach them.

Among the resources Domaine can bring to your events are not only the company's carefully selected products, but also speciality items from local Georgia entrepreneurs, such as handmade chocolates, mouth watering cheeses and other unique delectables.

Call us to set up a quick, introductory phone conversation. We're look forward to helping you become even more profitable.

Wine & Chocolate

For the trade

As a way to make sales easier for our clients, we also list our available products by links on this site. We also list the names of our retail partners, and photos and events we have supported for them.

Please explore. And we look forward to helping you make your beverage sales more profitable.