Great Eats


We are a licensed distributor of wines and spirits, selling to retail stores, bars and restaraunts in the state of Georgia.


Our approach is simple.

First, we select very high quality, small production (many family owned) producers that the big corporate distributors miss.

Second, we understand your need to generate revenue, and we provide you with tools to promote your business; primarily staff training, classes and events, that help you make money. 

We would like to introduce ourselves and see if we can help your business grow.

Meet the Team

Ted Field

Ted Field

Founder & President

Atlanta's Wine Expert of 2011, Ted has a knack for sniffing out the best, small vineyard wines in the world. Domaine focuses on Spain, Italy and France, but also stocks exceptional products from around the world.

Ted's love is teaching people about wine and he tackles the wine education events, partners with Terry Tomasello to pull off large group tastings and leads Domaine's wine selection committee.


Terry Tomasello

Vice President &
Operations Director

Terry keeps the train on the tracks! From keeping the event schedule, managing the deliveries, balancing the books and doing her part at the tastings, Terry keeps hopping.

With a strong background in arts management, Terry ran the oldest community arts organization in Georgia for ten years. With a budget approaching a million dollars, the organization was great training for the multi-discipline environment of Domaine.


Emily Severtson

Vice President of
Distilled Spirits Sales 

Originally from Los Angeles, Emily joins Domaine as the Vice President of Distilled Spirits Sales.

She brings a background in marketing and a strong knowledge of industry trends.

She is the founder and sheriff of Drink Squad Car beverages. She also volunteers in Atlanta and is passionate about non-profits serving her community.


What's Next?

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