Only Through Domaine: Squad Car Delivered!

The tradition of making personal recipe whiskiess goes back to the founding of the nation. As Americans expanded to the west, taking land far from civilization and far from taxes, apple trees were planted to assure settlers stayed there for years.  The use of hard cider made from those apples whetted an appetite for relief from the drudgery of hard farming work.  Next came hard liquors made from corn, wheat, and rye. And next came – you guessed it – THE TAXMAN.

Our new republic needed revenue, and alcohol provided that money.  Avoiding paying the tax on alcohol became a way of life in rural America.  “If I could just have my drink and not pay the tax, I’d be in heaven,” said the pioneer.

There’s an old song by a mid twentieth century philosopher and songwriter:

“My daddy he made whiskey, my granddaddy he did too
We ain’t paid no whiskey tax since 1792
You’ll just lay there by the juniper while the moon is bright

Watch them jugs a-filling in the pale moonlight.”

Then along came prohibition. You know, that idea that says if we just pass a law telling people not to do those things that are most popular to do, they will just quit. Like drinking, cussing, dancing and smoking….. never mind. But Prohibition came along and parties went underground.

Great-granddaddy, Papa Jack was a sheriff in a small town in southern Georgia and because he had to enforce the law and keep from getting plugged by his neighbors, he “dabbled” in the smuggling and producing of moonshine whiskey.  He couldn’t exactly arrest some of his friends, could he?

When the moonshiners did avoid the law, it was in fast cars that could outrun poor Papa Jack.  You couldn’t catch a V-8 with a four cylinder coupe, could you?  Papa Jack was low and slow, under the radar; and he smuggled with the best of them.


Now, Papa Jack’s whiskey lives in the new recipe of Squad Car American Whiskey.  It is smooth.  It is flavorful.  It is just right for drinking straight up, on the rocks, or in a mixed drink.  Yours for the asking!